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Andy Bernard, Regional Director in Charge of Sales at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, former Cornell student, founder of an frisbee club, member of an acapella group, musician, dancer, singer and actor. If you are not impressed yet, you should see me sailing.


Seeing the children playing together, unafraid of one another, was a sight to warm the woman’s heart. Her son seemed so happy. Her daughter so content. That wasn’t something you got to see when they were separated by a divorce and held fear of one another. 

As Ofelia started up the car, she smiled faintly after seeing Zaphiel, in Andy’s body, tickling her daughter. She almost thought of her as their daughter, but she knew it wasn’t quite like that. She began to drive. “So, how far south are we going?” She asked the angel, smiling warmly. 

As soon as the car began to move, Zaphiel put his head out the window and smiled, enjoying the moment. Although he was born thousands of years ago, the angel had never stepped on Earth before, nor had feeling the late afternoon breeze on his face, everything was very new to him and extremely beautiful as well. Ofelia’s voice broke his semi-trance. “Until we find golden wings.” He replied sweetly. “And then we need to take a boat before the storm.” Zaphiel said, looking at the sky as if he knew exactly how nature behaved. “Slim-jims.” He said suddenly. “The very first time Andy heard you voice, you said, ‘Sale on slim-jims today’. What’s a slim-jim?”







"Um, sure."

"Awesome."  Andy said a little too loudly. "Shut up you two!" Someone shouted in the background.

"Looked at what you caused.." She whispered jokingly. 

Andy peered over his shoulder. “It was just an elderly woman… You know, I can go there and kick her ass if you want.” He whispered back with a smile.

"It’s okay, we should just watch the movie.."

"Is that your gentle way of saying ’shut up you idiot’?"

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Play with me

I tried to fix a statue that I dropped on the floor this morning and I ended up breaking in two other places.

M!A: Frank-N-Furter


FRANK-N-FURTER: Your character has switched sexes.

No, no, noooooooooo!

( lol don’t know if I’m gonna do this because honestly, I don’t even have a female face claim. Stop fucking with me I’m a good person. )

[text] What is Rollo's favorite movie? Pup Fiction.



[Text] I laughed harder than I should have at that, thank you xx 

”Evey!” Maria chuckled. ”Ergh let go of that.” Maria said shaking Evelyn’s hand to rid it of Andy’s chest hair. ”Do you think she’s hungry?” Maria asked tilting her head at Evelyn. ”She doesn’t really have much boob anymore not with those little toothies.” Maria smiled. 

”Thank you, I’m glad you like it.” Maria directed her smile towards Ellen. ”Oh  yes you’ve not really had chance to meet my dad and Harvey have you?” Maria replied she didn’t correct Andy about Harvey not being her brother because she’d learnt to let it go. 

"I don’t know, maybe she’s just being a little twat." Andy looked at the baby, who did the same and slapped his forehead, shouting. "Twat!” ”Andy!” Ellen shook her head in disapproval.

"Unfortunately not." Ellen said. "Andy never tells me anything. I have to twist his ears to squeeze some information out of him." She giggled. "Tell me dear, is Harvey married? What about your father, he plans to remarry?"



if u go through my phones call log all you see is my mothers number over and over

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Song: Stop And Stare
Artist: One Republic
Album: Dreaming Out Loud
Played: 9,941 times.


One Republic - Stop and Stare


M!As for Dicks

For anons who want to be dicks and people who want to bait anons to be dicks to their characters. Cause secretly, you're all dicks. Dicks.
Breezy: Your character is now stark naked and locked out of their home/office/car/etc.
Parrot: Your character may only communicate with one word for six hours, anon specified.
Hellspawn: Your character is now pregnant with the child of the dreaded NOTP. Must be agreed to with all parties involved.
Whiskey Courage: With the help of some alcohol, your character is now about to admit their true feelings to someone. Anon specified special someone.
Heartbeat: Your character is stricken by a sudden heart attack.
Ariel: Your character is now mute for a day.
Mistaken Identity: Your character will now be spending a night in jail due to a mistake with the local police.
Bullets: Your character has been shot. Anon may specify where and how serious the wound is.
Wolfsbane: Your character has a three day werewolf curse.
Barbra Streisand: Your character can only communicate through song for the next six hours.
Crash: Your character has been in a major auto accident.
Shrink: Your character is now thumb-sized for the next six hours.
Dark: For the next day, your character cannot see a thing.
Flesh Wound: Your character has just been stabbed. Anon may specify where and how serious.
Frank-N-Furter: Your character has switched sexes.
Scratchy: Your character has chicken pox for the day.
Discomfort: For the next three hours, your character will walk around with a permanent wedgie.
Pink Elephants: You are completely drunk and have very poor judgement for the next three hours.
Rude: Your character is suddenly very offensive for the next six hours.
Don Juan: Your character is suddenly feeling very flirty and will flirt with anyone who comes into their inbox and/or they're interested with for the next three hours.
Cowbell: You've got a fever and there's no cure but to wait it out. Your character now has a very awful case of the flu for a day.
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"I’m not angry…just…I don’t know…" She sighed softly as her eyes finally met his again. "How long would he last if you left?" She asked quietly, wondering if there was any way out of it. "I do appreciate you helping him though…Really…I know you aren’t him, but Rosie looks up to him…to you now…" She rubbed her arm gently as she went off to pack a few bags for Rosie. She and Drew were basically always packed up. "Keep an eye on them, Zaphiel…please…" 

"A few hours, maybe a day with a lot of pain. I’m doing everything possible to heal him, but his body is quite damaged." The angel in Andy’s body smiled for the first time. "Don’t worry, children are my specialty."

Zaphiel entered the room and crouched down next to Rosie and Drew, for a full minute he said nothing. Then he pointed to a box behind Rosie, “What’s that behind you?”

"It’s just an empty box." The little girl replied. "Are you sure?" As if by magic, the box began to shake. "What is it, Daddy?" Rosie exclaimed, holding Zaphiel’s hand. "A gift for you two." He replied with a smile. What was inside the box managed to break free, a puppy jumped out and ran toward Drew, licking the boy from head to toe.

She knew that….with whatever he had and whatever Walter did to him, she wasn’t surprised. She silently went off and packed the bags up, carrying them down the stairs. If worst came to worst, she could simply buy more things for the kids. She’d be fine. She didn’t need much. 

Once in the doorway of the living room, she smiled gently at the sight of the two children smiling, purely delighted by the puppy. Drew’s face was the happiest it had been since they arrived. “Have you two chosen a name yet?” She asked, her arms loosely over her chest. 

"Lucky!" Both responded in unison. Rosie took the puppy in her lap and placed it on the bed, facing Drew. They soon forgot their quarrel and started playing together as brother and sister.

Andy, who was actually Zaphiel, put the bags in the trunk of the car and checked twice if the children were safe in the back seat before sitting in the passenger seat. “Why is she going to drive your car, Dad?” Rosie asked. “Because.. she is an excellent driver, and I need my arms to do this.” Zaphiel turned back and started tickling on her belly.